The Altitude EP

by Riccicomoto



©2017 — Retrospective Zoology (Slovenia) A Fusion beetwen nu - jazz and modern deep, ambient, chillout and spacey sounds.... LIVE dubbed out of Hamburg for your listening pleasure...

This is real deep & jazzy dub stuff.
As we enter the journey with Essence (Classical Dub Session) an ambiental trip to outter regions of earth's atmospehere on lush 'burial'-ish pad's beggin's. An indicator of something nice ahead.
'No turning Back' is a dance track for geting the heat started. A Dreamy affair of staggering chords, pads and jazzed up vocals.
'Real Road' take us into Nu-jazz region, though made in digital domain will sure leave even so hardcore purist's satisfied. Second and the last 4x4 track for dreamy dancefloors 'This is Heaven'. We couldnt aggre more on what the title says... Funkee bassline move's the track over the course of 12 minutes. Pulsating tunel of sound working together as a creature in it's own right with underlying soft rhytmical vocals and keys.
With the last song that's leaft 'What is real ? Enrico brings the energy down in chill out region and nicely wraps up our very first solo release. As we notice the tracks Essence, Real Road And What is Real ? work as a link to the 'whole' or is it the other way around and No Turning Back and This is heaven represent the complimentary songs of this release. You decide. Riccicomoto indeed takes on the ride with this release. Organic and sexy take on modern and refined house/lounge music.

Riccicomoto is an electronic music producer and sound system specialist working with many labels around the world while spending his time between Hamburg and Ibiza. Expect some real classy deep and dubby house vibes. Keeping it modern with infectious rhythms and grooves influenced with his signature live complimentation of the rare vintage piano rhodes jazzy melodies and inserts gives, a weel rounded classy feeling on the dancefloor.


released November 30, 2012

w/p & mastered by Enrico Regini (Hamburg, Germany)
Cover Artwork by Surian Ssosay
Cover Finalization by Peter Jenko (Slovenia)
All Rights Reserved; Retrospective Zoology (Slovenia)

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©2017 — Retrospective Zoology (Slovenia)

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